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The web design is essential for the success of a brand and for a wide variety of business models. Here at Little Mamut we design and program functional web sites.

Little Mamut offers web design and development services to help you highlight and make your brand or product more findable, reach your customers, sell your products or services, and support your business strategy.

Your website is a showcase of huge importance in the global market. Through the creation of websites and our usable, attractive and, above all, effective e-commerce solutions, Little Mamut helps you reach your customers, get leads, sell your products or services and grow your business.

Service intended for:

  • Agencies
  • Marketing departments
  • Sales departments
  • Design studios
  • Public institutions
  • Freelancers

Have your e-commerce or online store perfectly integrated into your current and future digital strategy.

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    15 years’ experience

    Oliver Wyman
    Pelayo Seguros

    Web design services


    Web design and programming

    We design and develop usable and responsive websites following the W3C guides: HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and javascript.


    Online stores (e-commerce)

    We design, program and develop your online store, focusing on its main function: sell your products


    Web layout

    We turn into functional websites the designs made by other design studios, agencies, freelance designers or companies that have their own marketing team


    Restyling or redesign of existing websites

    Design evolves rapidly and a website can become obsolete easily. We can update your page to look like new


    SEO and optimization

    We improve and monitor your page at a creative and at a technical level so you can make your online marketing really efficient


    Information architecture (IA)

    We understand how your business and your potential clients are and we organize the information that appears on the web in a comfortable way for the user


    Microsites and landing pages

    Thematic sites and web pages oriented towards the conversion of advertising or adwords campaigns


    Web maintenance

    We offer web maintenance services, both technical (support, security, etc.) and creative (SEO, content generation, etc.)



    We know the environment very well and we can advise you in your digital and web strategy



    We do in-house personalized training in web maintenance, WordPress, newsletters strategy, etc.

    Our process

    These are the steps we follow to design, model, program and publish your web page:


    Research and digital strategy

    We study your business and the role that the page must play in your global business strategy. Understanding your target users allows us to design the site’s information architecture and its most appropriate labeling.


    User and UX tests (user experience)

    In complex projects we perform a prototype of the page at schematic (wireframe) and semifunctional level. This way we can test the usability and suitability of the solution proposed when it comes to meeting the needs and expectations of the user.


    Graphic design

    We put graphic design at the service of the information architecture, usability, accessibility, user experience and SEO. In addition, we always keep in mind the messages, values ​​and attributes that the brand or product has to transmit.



    Before starting a layout or web programming, we make a small revision of the design proposal, review the structure, usability, and if necessary, we advise the client on aspects of usability, optimization of content, etc. We make your design a reality. Pixel perfect!


    Programming, implementation and launching

    We are experts in the content management system (CMS) WordPress. We can develop from simple informative web pages to complex e-commerce solutions. We review our websites to minimize errors and keep your security in mind, obtaining robust, efficient and fast products.

    Palm tree

    E-commerce and online stores with Woocommerce

    We use to work with WooCommerce, the e-commerce plugin for CMS WordPress that is currently operating in a vast percentage of the online stores.



    The way your products are displayed is essential to attracting your consumer. The information needs to be adequate and key elements easily visible.


    Shipping rates

    The configuration of the shipping rates is a key element in the concretion of the purchase decision.


    Shopping cart design

    This part of the site has an important role in your online store conversion rate optimization.


    Simple shopping processes

    The ideal checkout pages are fast, simple and give few options for the user to leave. A good option is to include the entire checkout process on a single page (one-page checkout).


    Payment options

    The more payment options you have on your website, the easier it is for your customers to make the purchase (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, etc.).



    Get in touch with us to discuss your project and determine which online solution is best for your short and long term goals.

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    Why Little Mamut?


    We offer in-house support and we move to your most important events

    Time 2 market

    We are really agile and we can easily adapt to your timings


    We are 100% committed to you and to the success of your project

    Consulting and R+D

    We put our knowledge and experience at your service

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