Tablet presentations

Commercial teams are used to visiting their customers with an iPad or a tablet. We prepare sales support materials specific for these devices.

We know the technical possibilities of these devices. Take advantage of them!

Motivate your sales team, make your work even more efficient and seduce your customers with usable and attractive interactive presentations and catalogue.

Service intended for:

  • Marketing departments
  • Sales departments

Introduce your products in an attractive and innovative way

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    15 years’ experience

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
    Innova Systems Group
    Market Valley
    Obertura Eurecademica Abans
    Editorial Juventud


    Mainly for sales and marketing departments



    Let’s think how these devices can help accomplish your sales team’s main tasks


    Analysis of technical conditions

    When preparing the project we take into consideration how the content should be updated, if your tablets have a SIM card or not, if there is WiFi in your customers offices, etc.



    Sometimes it is necessary to make a semifunctional model of the presentation before starting production



    We design the presentation and implement it in the appropriate technology



    We can train your team on how to use and maintain the new system

    Petit Mamut salutes

    Why Little Mamut?


    We offer in-house support and we move to your most important events

    Time 2 market

    We are really agile and we can easily adapt to your timings


    We are 100% committed to you and to the success of your project

    Consulting and R+D

    We put our knowledge and experience at your service

    Contact us

    Phone (+34) 936 887 839

    C/Major 45
    08211 Castellar del Vallès
    Barcelona, Spain

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