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Little Mamut website warranty

The Little Mamut website warranty covers any defects, bugs or other service issues resulting from the development process. A ‘bug’ is considered any website feature which no longer functions as it did during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. A ‘defect’ is considered a significant issue which impedes the main functionality of your website.

The warranty period covers your website for 3 months (90 days) from the final approval of your website during the User Acceptance Testing phase. Bugs reported during this period will be fixed without charge.

Your warranty does not cover:

  • Modifications of the website made by yourself or any other third party
  • Issues caused directly by the web hosting provider
  • Issues caused by your domain name administrator
  • Issues caused by transferring your web hosting service to a new provider
  • Issues caused by your email service or provider
  • Issues caused by third party plugins or modules
  • Issues caused by updating your website CMS version or any other component
  • Issues caused by any changes requested after the User Acceptance Testing phase

Your website will be tested to work on the following devices. Any bugs relating to normal operation on any of the browsers listed are covered under this warranty:

  • Apple Safari 10 +
  • Google Chrome 42 +
  • Firefox 45 +
  • Internet Explorer 11+